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The Arenal volcano is located 7 Km from the town of la Fortuna and covers 33-square Km. Since 1968 the volcano has been active until 2010, the volcano offers two landscapes, one covered with lush vegetation that houses a variety of wildlife, and another rugged area of lava flow and sand as a result of constant eruptions. This area is known for its hot springs, which provide a uniquely relaxing environment surrounded by local nature. Arenal is surrounded by caves, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

With its several protected areas, lakes, lagoons, volcanoes, rivers, and waterfalls, the northern zone is undergoing a boom in tourism service and adventure site development, so that nature-loving visitors can enjoy the region’s many riches. Thanks to frequent rains, the Northern zone features wet and evergreen forest as well as fertile plains-natural environments that serve as sanctuaries for water birds, reptiles, mammals, and the prehistoric Gaspar fish, and important sites of interest for wildlife-lovers. Adventure activities and nature-watching may be enjoyed on the region’s rivers-Peñas Blancas, San Carlos, Toro, Puerto Viejo, de Sarapiqui-some of which are important navigational routes.

Waterfall Rappelling

Live an exciting adventure you’ll rappel down waterfalls, canyons and zipline across the rainforest.

waterfall rappelling - eco tours costa rica

Ecocentro Danaus Nature Reserve

Ecocentro Danaus is a nature reserve dedicated to environmental education. On this reserve you will have the opportunity to see all type of animals including small rodents, birds, reptiles and insects.

red eyed tree frog

Tour to Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste takes is name from the color of its waters. The river is located in the Tenorio volcano National Park, you will find a beautiful waterfall and hiking trails.

Rio celeste hike - eco tours costa rica

Rainforest Chocolate Tour

Learn the secrets and the origins of chocolate. On this tour, an expert guide will explain the uses and the preparation of chocolate.

rainforest chocolate tour - eco tours costa rica

Arenal Volcano & Tabacón Hot Springs

Discover Arenal Volcano with a full day tour from San Jose, which include a visit to the beautiful hot springs of Tabacon.

full day arenal volcano and hot springs
combo tour arenal volcano

Floating Tour Peñas Blancas River

On this tour, you will paddle down the Peñas Blancas river in search of wildlife. You get to see monkeys, iguanas, sloths, crocodiles and several species of birds.

customers floating on a raft in the peñas blancas river

Hike to Mistico Hanging Bridges

Explore the rainforest from a different angle along the hanging bridges. On this tour, your guide will show you different species of animals including snakes, small rodents, insects and several species of birds.

hanging bridges - eco tours costa rica

Boat Tour Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Caño Negro wildlife refuge is located in the northern plains of Costa Rica near the Nicaraguan border. This tour is perfect for nature lovers, birders and photographers.

boat trip in caño negro wildlife refuge

Hike to Arenal Volcano National Park

Explore old lava flows and learn about Arenal volcano history. This tour include two hikes and a boat trip across the Arenal lake.

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