Caño Negro Boat Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Location: Arenal Volcano
Departure: 7:30 – 7:45 am
Includes: Transport, bilingual guide, boat tour, snacks, lunch
Bring: tennis shoes, poncho, hat, repellent, camera

During the boat tour in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge you will see a lot of animals in their natural habitat. Our tour begins from (la Fortuna-Arenal). We start around 7:15 am we will drive to Los Chiles, a small town located in the northern Caribbean region, close to the Nicaraguan border. On the route to Los Chiles, you will see different plantations such as pineapple, bananas, sugar cane, teak wood trees, and even cattle ranchos. It’s a scenic drive that lets you witness the diversity of the area’s agriculture. Upon reaching Los Chiles, we will board a covered boat for 2.5 hours, guided by our knowledgeable naturalist guide. Here, is where the action begins keep your eyes peeled because you get to see animals like monkeys, sloths, iguanas, caimans, turtles, lizards, and many different species of birds.
The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is a unique ecosystem encompassing marshes, wetlands, and lush rainforests. As we navigate through these vibrant habitats, your guide will share fascinating insights into the wildlife that calls this place home. After an awe-inspiring tour, a delicious lunch is included, providing a satisfying conclusion to an adventure-filled day exploring the wonders of Caño Negro.
Caño negro wildlife refuge was created in 1984 with an area of almost 10.000 hectares of wetlands, located in Alajuela province. Before Cano negro was protected used to be a fishing area by the Maleku people (a group of natives). In 1991 was declared a Ramsar site of international importance as a habitat for water birds. The climate is influenced by the Pacific and the northeast trade winds from the Caribbean, creating a very humid climate and a high diversity of species

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