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Sarapiqui is a region that offers multiple options of tours such as mountain bike, canoeing, zipline, rafting, nature hikes, chocolate tour, birdwatching, bats tour, pineapple tour among others. Sarapiqui is located in the northern part of the country in Heredia province. The river has a long history, ships came from Europe in 1856 using this river. Along the river, there was a battle to defend the sovereignty of Costa Rica against the filibuster William Walker. He was repelled in the Sardinal battle for this reason the river was declared a Historic Monument National.

This tourism area covers 5027 sp miles with 200 miles of coastline. It makes up the Costa Rican Caribbean, which extends from the San Juan River to the Sixaola River along the Panamanian border. The city of Limon is located in the center of the tourist sector with a port and many tourist areas. In the northern sector, the main attractions involve the green tortoises nesting grounds along the beaches of the Tortuguero National Park and the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge. This area is known for sport fishing of sea bass, shad, and other species. The aforementioned is complemented by a river system that joins the port of Moin with Barra del Colorado, which is both an attraction, as well as the only means of transportation. Its offers are nature-based, particularly fauna observation since it is known worldwide for its bird and turtle observing activities.

Chocolate Tour La Tirimbina

Learn step by step the history of chocolate its uses and preparation. Tasting is included!. You will walk along the longest suspension bridge over the Sarapiqui river.

making a chocolate drink tirimbina biological reserve

Rain Forest Aerial Tram

Explore the rainforest from above and enjoy stunning views of the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The tour also include a visit to a butterfly garden, frogs and reptiles and orchids.

Rain forest aerial tram - Eco tours Costa Rica

La Selva Birding Tour

Take a birding tour in la Selva and enjoy other animals. The species richness in La Selva is outstanding. La Selva is part of an important biological corridor for endangered species.

customers birdwatching in la selva
bird watching la selva

Sarapiqui River Boat Tour

On this adventure you’ll cruise along the sarapiqui river while you observe monkeys, crocodiles, birds, turtles.

sarapiqui river boat tour - eco tours costa rica
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