Snorkeling Tour in Cahuita

Enjoy a snorkeling tour in Cahuita National Park and observe all type of marine life including mollusks, sponges, dolphins, colorful fish and more

Snorkeling cahuita tour, this tour begins when you get picked up in your hotel, we will travel to Cahuita National Park, located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Once there, you will meet your guide and captain, and you will board a boat and navigate to the coral reef, the captain knows the best snorkeling sites. Your guide will provide you with the snorkel gear like life jackets, masks, fins and snorkels. After snorkel, our captain will bring you back to the beach, where you will enjoy some fruits before the hike.
You will hike along the trails of Cahuita National Park, where you will be able to observe all type of wildlife, including monkeys, two species of sloths, snakes, iguanas, toucans, insects, small rodents and birds. As you make your way in the park, It is possible to observe raccoons, white-nosed coatis, armadillos, agoutis and maybe a caiman or crocodile. Lunch after the tour.
Back to hotel.

Cahuita National Park

The park was founded in 1970 as a national monument and later turn into a national park. This is the only park do not charge an admission fee. The park depends on donations. You can find 35 species of coral reefs, 3 species of sharks, 6 species of moray eels, lobsters, mollusks, sponges, sea turtles, dolphins, colorful fish and starfish. The park covers 1067 hectares of land area and 600 hectares of coral reef and 22.400 hectares of marine area.

What’s included: transport, guide, hiking, snorkel and lunch
What to bring: closed shoes, rain gear or poncho, hat, repellent (only for the walk), sunscreen (not to use during the snorkel) long sleeve shirt, camera

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