Hike to Santa Elena Reserve

Santa Elena Reserve is part of an important biological corridor between the Atlantic and the Pacific side. Also, the reserve is under the administration of the local high school of Monteverde so your visit helps to support different educational and reforestation program

Santa Elena reserve hike, this tour begins when you are picked up in your hotel, we will drive to Santa Elena reserve, located outside the town of Santa Elena, Monteverde. Once there, your guide will welcome you and share a brief introduction about the reserve and the importance of cloud forest. You will hike through different trails in search of wildlife, where you will be able to observe monkeys, sloths, small rodents, insects and birds.
On this Santa Elena reserve hike, It is common to observe other animals such as the iconic Resplendent Quetzal, which is the national bird of Guatemala and considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. During the hike, your guide will take photos for you through his telescope, the hike last 2.5 hours
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Santa Elena Reserve

The three hundred and ten hectares (765 acres) that make up the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve have been leased by the Santa Elena Professional Technical College Board under a Permit since 1991. Ecotourism funds are used for the protection and management of the Reserve, as well as to provide better quality infrastructure and services at the Santa Elena School and area schools, and to assist with environmental and cultural projects in the community.

The original idea in the reserve was to use these lands for agriculture, however, for many reasons it was decided to use this forest for protection, conservation, and tourism. A non-profit organization Youth Challenge decided to open the reserve in 1992 to preserve the forest and for the development of the Monteverde community.

Also the reserve conducts a reforestation program with native species in order to connect forest areas with non forest areas.

What’s included: transport, bilingual guide, park fee and hike
What to bring: hiking shoes, rain gear, repellent, camera, binoculars

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