Poas Volcano Tour

Poas Volcano is known for having one of the most beautiful craters of all Costa Rican volcanoes. During the visit you will learn about its eruptive history and geothermal activity

In the morning we pick you up and drive you to Poas Volcano, where you will enjoy a nice tour to one of the most popular volcanoes of Costa Rica. The tours leaves in San Jose to Alajuela province, passing through coffee plantations, ornamental plants for export and strawberry fields. On the way, we will make a stop to explain about coffee plants and its production. We continue the tour through beautiful landscapes, mountain views and cattle ranches. As we make our way to the summit of Poas volcano, you will notice how the vegetation and the temperature changes due elevation. Once in the volcano, you will hike to a lookout located next to the volcano, where you will see the main crater with a diameter of 1350 meters from north to south direction. On a clear day, you can see Arenal volcano from a distance and the caribbean lowlands. Poas volcano offers three main volcanic structures: The main crater, the Von Frantzius cone and the Botos Lagoon. Another aspect to mention is about the vegetation, where the leaves are thick and tough able to resist the constant changes in temperature and the emissions of ash. The fauna is scarce but is possible to squirrels, mountain rabbits, coyotes and nearly 219 species of birds.

Note: The visit to the lagoon or to the trails is not permitted at the moment due volcanic activity

Poas Volcano

The Poas Volcano National Park is located at 2708 meters above sea level, its main eruption was in 1910 and it has been active ever since. The activity of 1910 raised a column of ash that reached a height of 8000 meters. Within the park you can find 3 volcanic structures: the main crater, the von frantzius cone and the Botos lagoon.

Due the activity of Poas volcano we are permitted to be in the park maximum 40 minutes. 10 minutes walking to get to the main crater, 20 minutes at the crater lookout and 10 minutes to walk back to the parking lot.

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