Don Juan Coffee Tour

Learn the ancient techniques how to produce a delicious cup of coffee. A coffee expert will explain you the history and the growing cycle of coffee plants and its process

Costa Rica is famous for its coffee. During your visit at Don Juan coffee plantation you will learn about its history, growing, harvesting and the production of chocolate and sugar cane. This tour begins with a brief introduction about to the history of coffee and its origins. You will also learn about the life cycle of a coffee plant.
Next, you will learn how the coffee beans are picked and also talk about the workers who immigrate here during the harvesting season. Also, you will see how the coffee pulp is removed from the coffee beans, and how the beans are washed and dry. Today, coffee beans are dried in big machines in the old days farmers use to do it outside in the patios with the sun.
The tour also include a visit to a chocolate processing facility. Here, you will participate in the chocolate.making process and you will see how the cocoa beans turn into a chocolate bar. Finally, your guide will help you to extract the juice from sugar cane in a traditional way, and you will enjoy a glass of sugar cane juice. At the end your guide will give you the option of riding on a typical ox cart- this is a way to experience how Costa Ricans used to travel.

  • What’s included: transport, bilingual guide, coffee tour
  • What to bring: closed shoes, rain gear, repellent, camera
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