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Poas Volcano,Coffee Tour &Waterfalls

Our journey to Poas Volcano begins with a visit to Doka Coffee Plantation, where you’ll start the day with a hearty breakfast followed by a guided tour of the plantation. Learn firsthand about the art of cultivating high-quality coffee and the techniques involved in its production. Continuing towards Poas Volcano, you’ll notice the landscape changing as we ascend. Witness the shifting vegetation and feel the temperature cool. Along the way, you’ll pass by fields of strawberries, ornamental plants destined for export, and picturesque cattle ranches. Arriving at Poas Volcano, standing at 2,708 meters (9,000 feet), you’ll be awed by its active crater. Take in the sights of the impressive volcanic landscape, with its steaming fumaroles, and embark on a walk to Botos Lagoon, where diverse ecosystems unfold before you. Poas is not just a volcano; it’s a living ecosystem showcasing phreatic eruptions and unique biodiversity.

Our journey continues to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where a serene hike awaits along trails that lead to captivating attractions such as the aviary, butterfly garden, hummingbird sanctuary, snake exhibit, frog display, and wild cat habitat. Enjoy a delightful lunch at La Paz Waterfall Gardens featuring a variety of dishes including salads, rice, beans, pizza, fries, chicken, pasta, refreshing beverages, and dessert. After lunch, explore the lush rainforest, discovering the stunning waterfalls and the meandering La Paz River, which flows towards the Caribbean coast.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation must be made a full 72 hours prior to the service, otherwise a penalty of 100% will be applied

Tour Price $180

  • Duration: 9-10 hours
  • Location: Central Valley
  • Departure: 7:15 am
  • Includes: Transport, bilingual guide, coffee tour, Poas Volcano, La Paz with lunch
  • Bring: tennis shoes, poncho, hat, repellent, camera

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