Chocolate Tour La Tirimbina

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Indulge your senses in the sweet world of chocolate with the Tirimbina Chocolate Tour. Nestled in the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, this immersive experience takes you on a journey from cacao beans to delectable chocolate, offering insights into the process of chocolate-making and the rich history surrounding this treat. Join us on a guided tour through the cacao plantations of Tirimbina, Learn about the cultivation of cacao trees, their ecological importance, and the practices employed to produce a high-quality cacao. Witness the process of cacao bean harvesting and the crucial fermentation stage. Discover the secrets of transforming raw cacao into exquisite chocolate delights. Customize your chocolate treats with various flavors and toppings.
In 1960 Robert Hunter, an American who studied crops in Sarapiquí, arrived in Costa Rica and bought land with forests in the area, including the Tirimbina. Mr. Hunter contacted Allen Young from the Milwaukee Museum who published over 100 books about the forest and Cocoa. In 1986 the Milwaukee museum took the Tirimbina forest to design an exhibition on the tropical forest in the USA. Hunter starts agreements with Catie to conduct more research in the forest. Since then, many research projects have been carried out in Tirimbina. In 1995 Hunter sells his forest. The purchase was sponsored by the Riveredge Natural Center and the Milwaukee Public Museum. From that agreement, Tirimbina was born such as ATCIE, a non-profit association based in Costa Rica, which is created, today to own the Tirimbina land.

Includes: entrance fee, chocolate tour
Bring: hiking shoes, poncho, camera, repellent
Cancellation policy: Cancellation must be made a full 72 hours prior to the service, otherwise a penalty of 100% will be applied

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