Britt Coffee Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Location: Central Valley
Tour schedule: 9:00, 11:00, 3:15 pm
Includes: Transport, bilingual guide, coffee tour
Bring: tennis shoes, poncho, hat, repellent, camera

Britt coffee farm is located in the beautiful province of Heredia considered as one of the important regions in the country for coffee production. Besides, the farm is located near volcanoes that offers volcanic soils, which are rich in nutrients and minerals important for coffee development. Learn all the techniques of how to produce delicious gourmet coffee at the Britt coffee tour. Experience a real coffee tour at Britt coffee plantation in Heredia. On this tour, we will share our knowledge and passion for Costa Rican coffee. During the tour, our guide will lead you through the life cycle of gourmet coffee.
The tour begins in our nursery where we will explain the growing cycle and the selection of the finest beans. Next, you will learn the different roasting techniques and how affect the beans and the brew. At the roasting plant, we will look for the perfect beans to roast, and you will see how the beans change during the roasting process.
Finally, we will visit an amphitheater where you will enjoy a coffee-cupping demonstration. We will share our secrets for making an excellent cup of coffee, discuss how to discern a coffee´s quality, and note all the factors that contribute to a quality cup.

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