Arenal Volcano & Tabacón Hot Springs

Enjoy the best of Arenal Volcano with a full day tour to Tabacon Hot Springs. Our tour include a stop in the beautiful town of Sarchi known for its handicrafts and wood carving

Discover the most beautiful network of hot springs in Arenal volcano area. This is a full day tour that begins in San Jose. First, we will make a stop on the colorful town of Sarchi known for its handicrafts and wood carvings. This is a good opportunity to buy some souvenirs to take home. Afterwards, the tour continues through all type of plantations, including, cattle ranches, coffee plantations, sugar cane fields and ornamental plants for export. As we make our way through the mountains, you will notice how the vegetation and temperature changes with the elevation. In Arenal area “Fortuna” we will stop in a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch before we continue to the volcano. After lunch, we will visit a lookout located near the foot of the volcano that offers stunning views of the volcano and the Arenal lake. During this visit, your guide will share relevant information about Arenal volcano natural history and its eruptive cycles. Finally, we will visit Tabacon hot springs one of the most beautiful network of natural springs located near the foot of Arenal volcano. Tabacon is surrounded by beautiful gardens with all type of tropical plants and lush rainforest. Visitors tend to really enjoy exploring the many thermal pools, with temperatures ranging from 72 to 105 F (22 to 40 degrees Celsius) and the perfect combination of high volume and mineral content.
Dinner included before we return to San Jose

  • What’s Included:Transport, bilingual guide, lunch, lava 1968, tabacon with dinner.
  • What to Bring:Comfortable shoes, swimsuit, sandals, extra cloth, hat, sunglasses
  • Note: you need to leave a deposit to get a locker and towel
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